The idea of Sona Sarovar Trust began with a Small Bowl of Water. During her first Rural Project, Mrs Sona Kumar was offered a bowl of dirty water to wash hands. She was told that ladies had to walk for half an hour at night to fetch water as during day they worked for Brick Klin Unit.

She also saw poverty, rampant unemployment, lack of even primary education & any kind of elementary health & medical facilities for miles together. She was very much moved with the state of affairs & decided to do something to improve their lot.

After returning to Mumbai she spoke to few of the like minded persons & they decided to join hands & take up projects which can genuinely help people & alleviate their problems. This culminated into formation of “Sona Sarovar Trust”.

Composition of Trust

The Trust comprises of such persons who sincerely believe that all human beings particularly from educated & somewhat privileged class owe a lot to the society & they must take up responsibility & do whatever they can to improve the lot of their poor brethren.

All the Trustees of our Trust have some background in some kind of social work. They are well educated & come from respectable families. The most important qualification they posses is their concern for the society & the people.

The Aims & Objectives of the Trust
  • To improve the living condition of the poor people especially in the rural areas through water conservation, employment generation, education, health, awareness etc.
  • To Provide medical assistance to needy & poor people particularly to physically & mentally challenged.
  • To work with slum children inculcating value system, providing much needed culture, encouraging them to study & making them good citizens of India.

Testimonials !

  • Next to our Elite Complex, there are a number of sprawling slums.

    Mr.Pradyumn Patel, Social Worker
  • I had visited Mirkapada village in Bhiwandi Distt along with Trustees of Sona Sarovar Trust for water project.

    Mr.A Y Patil, Distt. Development Manager, NABARD, Thane

  • Sona and I worked together to rehabilitate Ranjana who had polio in both her legs.

    Kiran Agarwal, Social Worker

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