1. Village Projects

India is shining. Living in the cities we see it shining in neon lights from departmental stores and shopping malls, educational institutions, plush hotels and restaurants, hospitals and skyscrapers. But the shining India we see is restricted to our cities and towns. There exist in our own shining India, villages that are still struggling for basic needs like water, sanitation, electricity, education & medical facilities. The roads to these villages are muddy paths so unkempt, that even help hesitates to travel to these villages.

We at Sona Sarovar Trust walk these muddy paths and visit some such villages. We have constructed a well, toilet, donated solar lamps, school uniforms, stationery, etc to the villagers. However, compared to the needs of these impoverished villages, this is just the equivalent to a drop in the ocean.

It is easy to look away and not take responsibility for your fellow country people. But on the other hand, the good news is - it is easy to help. Even amounts which you feel are small can go a long way in making a difference to these poor villages. It is difficult to contribute time, but it is easy to contribute financially so that those who are willing to give time can have the resources to work in these places, uplifting the villages, uplifting their people,- YOUR INDIA

2. Slum Projects

The Anand Nagar slum in Jogeshwari West houses about 22,000 residents. The circumstances and environment in slums provide the ideal breeding grounds for Anti Social Elements.  We have started a Balwadi between 7 to 8 pm, Mon to Fri for 30 children of  slums between the ages of 4 to 14 years.  A teacher has been provided to them, who teaches them prayers, reads moral stories to them, teaches them manners and etiquette, makes them play games, skits. Children sing songs, dance, draw, paint etc. We celebrate important festivals; hold competitions, parties, take them out for picnics and movies.  

We hold free medical camps for the residents Most of the children go to Municipal Schools where the standard of education is very low. Their Parents are illiterate. They can neither help the children with studies and are too poor to afford tuition fees; as such their  performance in studies is very poor.

We have started tuition classes for them from 1 June 2011 to provide them a teacher to supervise their Home Work as well.  We have been approached by the leaders of the area to start 4 more classes for children. There is one more slum nearby which is bigger than Anand Nagar.The task is challenging.

3. Rehabilitation of Physically Challenged

The trust provided medical assistance, calipers to 22 year old polio stricken Miss Ranjana Kamble who could only crawl till then. Trust also provided a Sewing Machine with Motor. Now she can walk & is self reliant by  undertaking sewing on job basis.

4. Advertisements

Since we now have an upgraded website, we would like to offer our supporters an opportunity to have a link from our website to theirs. You may now advertise on our site by way of a link. Any contributions received towards this activity will be treated as a donation and a receipt will be issued so that contributors can avail of Tax benefits for their contribution.

5. Donation of Discarded Items

We accept medicines(not expired ones), clothes/school uniforms, rain coats, umbrellas, shoes, socks, school bags, lunch box, pencil box, toys, games,  craft material story books etc for children..

6. Donate for Development

A Trust needs resources to take its projects forward. The only source of income for our Trust is through Donations. Mrs. Tarsi Devi, a part time maid, has been donating Rs 100 per month since past 4 years, as repayment towards the help rendered to her at personal level, to enable our Trust to reach out to more people like her. It is an inspiration to see her make these contributions. She wants more people to benefit, like she did.

चिडि़या चोंच भर ले गयी, नदी का घट्यो न नीर |

       दान दिए धन न घटे, कह गयो दास कबीर ||

The beakful of water a sparrow takes, makes no difference to the river’s volume or flow, Donations do not reduce one’s wealth, so says Saint Kabir. Let us create a better world together. Your contribution will go a long way towards these social projects. Your smallest contribution will make a large difference.
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